Ghoster Blurb – Rough Draft

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The life of a Ghoster is tough. Slipping in and out of the Veil, from this world to The Other, tends to weigh on a man’s soul. And when you lose someone, someone special, in The Other they don’t really go away. Their Tether clings to you like cobwebs in an old house.

Gage Malloy retired from ghosting years ago. Once the best Sword a crew could ever want, Gage is now nothing more than a worn-down bartender. But he’s okay with that; working the counter won’t get anyone killed.

But when an old friend turned enemy walks into his bar, an enemy he thought dead, he realizes you can’t escape your past. Now Gage must step back into his role as Sword and slip through the Veil one more time to stop a plot that may very well destroy both worlds.

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