Outline Snippet – Ghoster

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Chapter 4 – Gage visits Cullen

Gage feels the heat of their stares on the back of his neck. His nerves are rattled, his muscles tense; he doesn’t need this. Turning, Gage throws up his hands, shows them empty.

“This doesn’t concern you people,” he shouts. “I’m on this man’s step because it’s between him and me. I didn’t come here to kill anybody so don’t make me change my mind.”

In the surrounding apartments curtains twitch and fall shut, blinds roll closed. Gage nods his head and turns back to Cullen’s door.

“Open this fucking door,” he says and bangs at it with closed fists. “I just want to talk. You know I can get inside on my own but if I have to slip through a shroud it’s going to hurt me.”

Gage steps back from the door. He knows Cullen; certain Cullen’s watching through the peep. “Cullen,” he says quietly. “What kind of mood will you expect to find then?

The lock clicks and the door opens a couple of inches.


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