Outline Snippet 2 – Ghoster

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Chapter 6 Notes

Chalk Street is just another burned-out row of tattered concrete and broken re-bar, held together by booze and bad intentions. But it’s the Real World, and the business establishments are semi-legit – or the bribes are paid up enough to be considered so. Either way Bleak Agents tend to ignore the place; at least for the time being.

The rugged citizens milling to and fro along the sidewalks are fairly civilized, so long as you mind your manners and keep your hands to yourself. They aren’t gentle people; life is hard along the outskirts of the cities. A Ghoster can blend here well enough – possibly even find work. Hell, crews lounge in every gin joint on the block waiting for their Crown to snag a heist.

They find Laird holed up in the second floor of an abandoned warehouse. The rooms inside are nothing but dust and shadow. The walls are ragged, but whole, and the windows are boarded over, the original glass long since blown away by riots and time. The chug-chug  of an old-school generator echoes along the corridors from somewhere nearby, powering the bare bulbs strung overhead.

Gage stands in the shadowy doorway and watches as Laird scurries among rows and rows of books. He’s a thin, twitchy man with no hair and a pinched face. Always in motion, he moves from book to book, mumbling as he scans each title and taps a gnarled forefinger against his temple. Cataloging new acquisitions.

“Your hair looks great,” Gage says as he steps from the shadows. Laird doesn’t even flinch, merely casts a glance Gage’s way and then back to his books.

Gage didn’t really expect a response. It’s an old joke between them. He makes it every time he sees the old man. No point waiting for an invitation. Gage staggers between the rows of shelving and slumps into the first piece of threadbare furniture he comes to. It doesn’t so much accept his weight as gives in to it.

“I need help.”

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