More Ghoster Notes

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

You have to understand Tethers to begin grasping the bigger pictures. They’re the brush strokes of the larger canvas. They are the ties that bind; strands that run through all things, past, present, and future. Each of us, every man, woman, child, even the beasts of the world, are bound to a Tether that represents us as distinctly as a fingerprint.

As we move through life, making emotional connections to people, places, and things, we leave a strand of our Tether attached to that relationship. We spin a web out to all the things we deem important, with us dominating the center.

Throughout the ages mediums and soothsayers have unwittingly employed Tethers in their respective trades. Mediums glimpsed the past, the memories and the ghosts that dwell there. A soothsayer gazed into the future.

The fog of all the accumulated Tethers creates what we know as the Veil. Metaphysically entwined within that fog, existing parallel to the real world, sits The Other. A Compass, with some effort, can part the Veil like a doorway and step through into The Other. Depending on one’s abilities and the location it can be as simple as stepping through a bead curtain or as difficult as opening a vault door.

Though The Other sits squarely within the mists of the Veil, it lacks Tethers of its own. Natives move through their world with very few ties to the world around them. We may draw on the Veil while wandering The Other but it creates something of an anomaly. That world, as well as its agents, may labor to seek out and hamper this deviation. Even our presence there creates an upset within the preternatural order of The Other, cutting a wake through the Veil. A crew’s Shield dampens that wake.

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