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I was going to write several Blog Posts about developing my Work in Progress, Ghoster. There was to be an article on Story Goal, Character Archetypes, Plotting with Throughlines, and Outlining. Then I realized I would just be repeating much of what can be found with a simple Google search. And most of those articles are better explained and much easier to digest than any I might write.

So, instead, I’ve decided to compile a few of the articles and link to them from here. These articles follow the underlying theories found within the Dramatica Pro Software. As a writer with a renewed sense of producing publishable work I’ve found these articles really helped get my thoughts on paper. Now I’m a Writer writing instead of a ‘writer’ talking about writing.

Eventually I’d like to do a few posts explaining how I used these articles to develop a novel. But, for now, I’ll do the work and later develop a new project, Step-by-Step, here on the blog.

The Story Goal

The Plot Outline in 8 Steps

Creating Characters based on Your Story Goal: The Archetypal Character

Creating Characters based on Your Story Goal: Believable and Memorable Characters

Creating Characters based on Your Story Goal: Main Character and Counterpart

Understanding Throughlines (helpful guide for Outlining)

I hope these links come in handy for other beginning writers.