Diary of an Anthology – Day 1

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Fiction, Freaks & Weeping Children, Writing


On Monday, November 18th I posted submission guidelines for an anthology of dark tales. The title, as well as the theme, will be Freaks & Weeping Children. This is my first attempt at selecting and editing a collection of short stories written by other writers. So, in the spirit of full disclosure I’ve decided to keep a running journal here on my blog.

Who am I and what qualifies me to edit an anthology? My name is Michael Woods and, to be honest, I have no legitimate qualifications other than a love for well-told stories. Though, before you dismiss me as a loon, I would like to add I’ve studied graphic design most of my adult life. I truly appreciate the work that goes into creating a book, from cover and layout to fonts, margins, and gutters. This is a project near to my heart.

What’s the point of Freaks & Weeping Children? To discover new writers of dark fiction and to put great stories into the hands of readers searching for fresh voices. With this anthology I hope to publish a wide range of speculative fiction all with the delicious taint of horror.

Larrikin Books? What the hell does that mean? Well, one definition of larrikin is a person with apparent disregard for convention. That just sounds appropriate. Conventional wisdom, my family and friends, too, tells me this is wasted time, effort, and money. I don’t believe it is. This isn’t about fame and fortune. It’s not about becoming an indie publisher. Larrikin Books is about publishing a quality anthology of stories to entertain and terrify. If one reader enjoys the collection of tales I assemble then I’ve achieved my goal.

So, do stay tuned to this site as talk about the process from beginning to end. Oh, and please, check out the guidelines. I would love to read your story.

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