Freaks & Weeping Children: An Update

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Fiction, Freaks & Weeping Children, Writing

Two months ago I posted submission guidelines for Freaks & Weeping Children, an anthology of dark fiction edited and self-published by me. This project is near to my heart and I’ve been lucky enough to have many talented authors working on dark tales for little more than a contributor’s copy of the finished book. More on that in a bit.


Beyond the writing, I hired Matt Davis to design the cover. He did a wonderful job taking my Photoshopped rough and developing a striking piece of art that I’m happy displaying on the front of my anthology. Kudos to him. You should definitely pop over to Matt’s deviantART Gallery and take a look at more of his work.

Meanwhile, I’m busy on the layout of the interior pages. InDesign is a great help in this process but for someone who rarely uses the software it means refreshing myself on a number of skills. I’ve been reminding myself how to manage gutters and kerning and lets not forget fonts, type size, line spacing, headers, footers. . . Oh, my.

Now, remember a few paragraphs when I mentioned contributor copies? Yes, that just doesn’t sit well with me. I would love to pay the authors for their work. I believe SFWA says .06/word is the standard fair rate. If I can’t manage that I would at least like to offer an honorarium, a flat cash rate.

And then there’s my wishlist of published authors; authors I would love to invite to the anthology. I’m not sure how many would actually be interested or have the time but if the funds were available I could put the offer out there. My wishlist? Well, that’s easy: Robert J. Bennett, Karina Cooper, Delilah S. Dawson, John Hornor Jacobs, Kat Richardson, Steve Weddle, and Jaye Wells. Every one of these authors writes the kind of tales that fit right in with Freaks & Weeping Children. If you haven’t heard of any one of these writers you would do well to Google and read.

The question now seems to be, “should I crowdfund?” The obvious answer is, “Well, yeah. No shit!” So, I’m going to make an attempt. If I only receive enough to pay my contributors then I’ll be satisfied. All funds above and beyond the goal will go toward inviting other writers to the anthology.

Stay tuned. I’ll post the Pubslush link soon. This will be my first foray into crowdfunding so if anyone has tips to share I promise to listen.

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