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I’m Not the One

Posted: November 25, 2014 in General

So, I guess it starts now. No matter my opinion on the whole Ferguson tragedy, I’m a white man in America and tonight, more so than many years prior, I am the enemy.

I struggle day to day to pay my bills, to take care of my children, to keep a roof over what’s mine. My family is without Healthcare because to pay for it means getting a second job just to cover it. Nobody out there is handing me anything, except the wages I earn working an average of 55 hours a week. I wasn’t born into privilege but you’re damn right I’m busting my ass so my children’s children might be.

I’m not the enemy. Ignorance, intolerance, and the inability to speak freely to one another (not about one another), with an open mind and a willingness to truly hear, without anger or blame, there’s your enemy. As long as one heart holds hate, there will never be peace.

Meanwhile, I go to bed tonight knowing somewhere out there many people hate me though they don’t know me by any name but Devil.

Hi. My name is Michael. My friend’s call me Mike. What will you call me?