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On September 6th, 2013 at approximately 11pm Eastern standard time (that’s 8pm for you Californicators) I’ll begin the first episode of my new Google show, Hashtag. What exactly is Hashtag? Well, the simple answer: it’s a show hosted by beginning/intermediate writers for beginning/intermediate writers.

 I am a member of a thriving community of authors looking to find our way in the often complicated field of genre writing. I enjoy talking about writing with other writers, enjoy that feeling that here’s others who get what I’m going through. And that, my friends, is the basic premise behind Hashtag, a Hangout for new and emerging writers to talk shop. A place where, for one hour, we can spend time discussing our shared passion of scribbling words. Hopefully, along the way, we can share tips and tricks, our writing habits, both good and bad, and the things we love about a good story. Most of all, I’d like the show to become a social outlet, a place for writers to enjoy that sense of community I get every time I scroll through my Twitter timeline.

Ideally, Hashtag will air Friday nights on a bi-weekly schedule. As long as I get enough willing guests I don’t see that becoming a problem. But, to help alleviate some of the pressure over having a cast every episode, I’ve chosen to bring Rob Hall along as my co-host. Check him out over on his blog, The Pumpkin Society.

Each episode of Hashtag will have a unifying topic. This week, Ideas and Plotting. The second episode? Who knows. I’ll post the topic at least a week in advance over on Twitter, and here on my blog as well. With that said, anyone that has ideas or topics they would enjoy seeing covered or if you’re interested in being a guest on the show feel free to let us know. Twitter is probably the best place to find us: @mrmikemyself, @grimgoroth, and the soon to be @Hangathashtag.