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blackwhiteGage Malloy crosses the floor of The Foundry Bar to the open front door. The few people milling about on the streets outside pay him little attention. It’s still warm for December and they’ve got other places to be. There’s moisture in the air and clouds rolling in from the west promising an evening storm, and those people passing by, they can sense it coming; so best hurry before getting caught up in something unhealthy.

Standing there in the doorway Gage squints up at the afternoon sky. He can feel it too. An ominous tingle below the skin. But he’s not concerned. The bar is his, free and clear, always a haven from the raging storms.

“Hey, you think you could get me another drink?”

Gage glances back into the bar. It’s cool and dim inside. Not much to look at. The furniture has seen better days, but it’ll do until Gage can salvage better. The crowd’s light this afternoon and scattered around the place; A couple paired off back in the corner booth, quiet and keeping to themselves; A knot of teenagers throwing darts and being loud like teenagers tend to be; the barflies sit at the bar, empty stools between them, keeping what ails them personal and private.

“Today maybe?”

Then there’s Steve, The Foundry’s one true show-boat. Twenty-four years old and already half a step from the grave. If the alcohol don’t kill him one of his Tip’s will. Steve’s a Crown, and a dirty, two-timing one at that. Around Chalk Street word gets around a Crown is skimming or double dipping it’s not long before his whole outfit is wiped. (more…)


First Post

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Here’s the first post on my new website.

So, what will I be doing here? Well, I hope to use this blog site to document the work of a few writing projects that are in the developmental stages. Currently I’m working on a sci-fi/crime noir novel titled Ghoster and a novella for the Worldbuilder site dedicated to work based on the excellent novel Empire State by Adam Christopher. I haven’t decided on a title for the novella just yet; I’m using “Here There Be Dragons” as the Work-in-Progress title.

Look for some Flash Fiction pieces here soon, plus assorted vignettes that have no home.